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I am delighted to be able to go into detail about some specific examples of my handmade jewelry. My handmade jewelry is of the highest quality; keep in mind that I am always able and willing to customize my work for your specific requirements.

Amethyst has become a popular stone of late, and much of my amethyst handmade jewelry ranges in translucence from the moderately opaque to higher quality, higher valued transparent stones. Amethyst might lose its hue if left in the sun; although amethyst is by nature purple, it can possess a wide array of purple shades.

Turquoise is another sought- after material for handmade jewelry from my collection. Ranging in color from bluish green to sky blue, turquoise is porous, meaning contact with oils, liquids, or perspiration should be avoided if possible. The pure blue tint of turquoise is rare, and most stones contain the original matrix from which they were discovered. It is true that turquoise without the matrix is rarer and of higher value; however, many people find the black matrix more appealing.

All of my vermeil handmade jewelry is sterling silver covered in 22 carat yellow gold. The word “vermeil” has French origins—vermeil became popular in the 19th century as an alternative to silver gilt. The original fire-gilding process—a process that was proved dangerous due to the mercury output involved—has been replaced by modern electrolysis. To be considered vermeil, the gold within must be at least 10 carat!

If you are searching the NYC, NY market for handcrafted jewelry, your search should begin and end at The Jeweled Pussycat, LLC. Reach out to me right now!

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